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Elle Pollack

That's Karandas Banjo, who made it her goal to do 100 laps and met it, making her the person with the most laps at the end of the race. I believe I heard at the begining that she's a survivor.

SNOOPYbrown Zamboni

Thanks, Elle! Good information. My hat's off to you twice, Ms Banjo :-D. I enjoyed your steady zooms around the course (we chatty types sitting around talking and then every 5 minutes or so *boom* there you'd burst through our midst looking so determined :). "Who is that girl with the tail?" we'd ask.

Karandas Banjo

That would be me. No bot, but i did sacrifice all but 2 hours of sleep to get my goal of 100 laps. :)

I'm not a cancer survivor myself, but I did lose my dad to cancer back in 1999.


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