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Bino Arbuckle

I took pix of all of the campsites and put them up on Snapzilla.

There's an album dedicated to them, amongst a couple other SL RFL albums:

Bino Arbuckle's albums

Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson

Great archival, Bino. It's a sad shame we can't do postcards for Snapzilla in MUCH HIGHER resolution. And the JPEG compression is awful too, I hope that'll be ameliorated.

Jerry, awesome coverage... I can confirm this was live as I kept hitting Refresh, LOL! Love how you keep calling my Jadey a "visionary" too, hehe... well it's winding down now, ah... the memories.

SNOOPYbrown Zamboni

Thanks, Bino! Dang. Nice shots. I'll add these in a new post (and get me a full-on Snapzilla account too).

Torley > Jerry, awesome coverage...

Gratzi! I'm a-learnin'.

> Love how you keep calling my Jadey a "visionary" too

Yes, I believe it goes something like: Thomas Jefferson > Salvador Dali > Jade Lily :-) Rare breed, that bunch.


I really wish we could do a combination "save to disk and email postcard".

Then I'd have the option of uploading later to Flickr or something.

I run at 1600x1200, so it's a real shame :-(


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