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Jerry P

Welcome aboard, Tim! I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person next weekend and cutting to the chase about what we can do to pump up the jam 360-degrees 'round these parts. VoyeurOne Baron just gave us space to set up a permanent Future Salon camp at The Port, which is awesome because we'll have a settled spot in an exciting location for more frequent group discussions on questions like

> In respect to the already established internet and the non-virtual world, what characteristics would define a metaverse?

> If both the semantic web and the metaverse are touted to be the future of the internet, where do these two very different concepts converge and how will they eventually affect each others development?

and the other kinds of questions you bring up, in addition to the featured speaker style of event we've been having.

And beyond all that I'm looking forward to your posts both here and on your new personal blog. (Can we link to that bad boy yet or are you still getting settled?) If I haven't said it in so many words, I think you've got wonderfully creative and insightful mind on what this all is and where it's going to. Now let's put it to work! *whip* *whip* Fah-ster! Fah-ster! *whip* Ha, you had no idea what you were signing up for here... =)

Account Deleted

Feel free to add the url pointing to my blog. It's missing a lot of profile type content, but it looks decent.

I checked out The Port. It looks like a great area. Does this mean that we can start experimenting with the various seating arrangement ideas that I've been having? :D

Jerry P

> Feel free to add the url pointing to my blog.

Done! You can also get there by clicking on your name in the authors/contributors list.

> Does this mean that we can start experimenting with the various seating arrangement ideas that I've been having? :D

Oh, you know it. In fact we've generously been invited to claim one open platform at The Port for salon space. If you want to head over there and start experimenting with seating and screenage, do it up! Might want to drop VoyeurOne a line just to say Hello first. He and some of the other Port architects are thinking of flying out from Sweden for State of Play and the Second Life Community Convention. Looking forward to meeing them, if they do.

As people with cool projects start filling up The Port it's going to get as urban as Gwyneth Llewelyn imagines in the pic near the bottom of this post. Right now that would be lag city (digital Ice-9 :). In the post she talks about how HTML in SL will eventually make this kind of density possible.


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