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Not Hiro Pendragon

psssst ... SnoopyBrown Zamboni thinks Amanda is hawt.



And so do I.

*runs away*

Jerry P

I believe that during Amanda's inworld interview our own Tim Moenk/Lyre Calliope (pictured here) proposed marriage and she said, "Sure." Tim, is that right? Any plans for follow-up? Avatar Amanda getting married to a virtual girl would make a great Rocketboom!

Tim Moenk

Ya know.. doing a routine audit of my web presence, I just now found this post and the question directed at me.

Yes, I did propose marriage to Ms. Congdon. But alas, twas never meant to be! After this fateful Future Salon, Amanda never clicked yes to any of my teleport requests, and stopped taking my calls entirely.

I'd totally marry the new(ish) Rocketboom girl inworld though. Rawr. :D

So this response is two years late, but better late then never, eh?

(Actually, I'm playing a game with my google rankings. don't mind me.)


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